How to buy from foreign Amazon stores

How to buy from foreign Amazon stores

Buying from Amazon stores outside your state is possible and can bring many advantages!
First of all, the variety of products available will increase considerably as there might be products that in your state are not available while in others they are, plus for the same product you might even find cheaper prices!

But let's start slowly, what are the requirements for buying across borders?
It's simple! You will only need the Amazon account you usually use, in fact you will not need to create additional accounts as yours will already be valid.

If you are an EU resident and buy from an EU store, the warranty will always be 2 years and the time to return an item you are not satisfied with will be the same as in your home country.
For any problems just contact the support of where you placed the order, the service is the same!
Same goes for refunds and everything related to customer service.

Now, however, there are some specifics to point out:
- If you have an Amazon Prime subscription it will not be usable to purchase from abroad.
- The final price of the purchased product will be adjusted to the tax at the destination country, for example if in Italy the tax is 22% and in Germany the tax is 19% you will have to pay 3% more tax.
- If you buy from a non-EU country for example the US you will also have to pay the import charges for the product or vice versa (US to EU).
- If you buy from a country where the exchange currency is different from yours you will also need to do currency conversion.

In conclusion buying from Amazon stores different from yours IS SAFE and allows users to get great deals!

Published: 17/11/2022 14:17